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ADHD & Autism Assessment in Children


What our clients say

Without your help I don’t believe we would have seen such a quick turn around. I am indebted to you for helping my son in his hour of need. Thank you.

I felt that I was listened to and that my concerns were taken seriously. My child was also very comfortable with the doctors.  I would highly recommend them.

We were made to feel very comfortable; they took all our worries and concerns on board. Their report was thorough and delivered very quickly after the clinic appointment.

Thank you so much for the letter. It summarises everything about my son and is just what I need to send to his possible future schools. Thank you once again for all your help. It really has been life changing for us and for my son and hopefully now he can reach his full potential.

I was really nervous for my appointment, however once I got there, the two clinicians made me feel really comfortable. They listened to me and helped me understand myself more. Also, they were very quick with letting me know the results of the assessment and produced a thorough report detailing their recommendations. I wish I knew about them years ago, but I now feel like I know myself better and that's all thanks to the team.

I felt listened to, it was easy to talk to them, I was treated well, and my views and worries were taken seriously, I felt that the people that saw me knew how to help me.

Thank you so much for your detailed and comprehensive report. With the insight you and your team have been able to provide to us I am hopeful that we can put in place the right support to enable our daughter to thrive. I have greatly appreciated the kindness and professionalism of your service and the way that you have supported our family through this difficult but important period.

The doctor was brilliant and reassuring. She instantly made my child and I feel comfortable, and her support and reassurance was lovely. Thank you.

Extremely supportive – the best appointment we have ever had.

The doctor made my daughter feel reassured and confident that she would receive the most appropriate help and advice.

Came to the appointment not knowing what to expect. The doctor and her colleague were extremely nice, they listened to our concerns as a family and spent time talking to us about our concerns and answering our questions. I would definitely recommend another family with similar problems to come here.

We wanted to say thank you for your time and your ADHD diagnosis which has been a huge relief to our daughter. Since our appointment she has not stopped looking into this and is shocked at how much it describes her. All the things that she blamed herself for not being able to do in the normal way have been explained. It has been a huge help to realise that the things that made people frustrated with her are not her fault.

I just wanted to thank you for the efficiency and thorough nature of the assessment. For something I was very apprehensive about, the whole process made me feel as comfortable as possible. Without a doubt, I would recommend the clinic to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position.

Thanks again for the report and we really appreciate the time and detail that has been spent on the report and it is extremely helpful to us.  Thanks also to the team for making the assessment stress-free and really beneficial and useful to us as parents and to our son to support and help him going forward.

My husband and I are so grateful for everything the doctor and her whole team have done for our daughter so far. Your care has already hugely impacted our lives.

We felt comfortable talking to the friendly doctors. Many thanks for your help.

We didn't feel judged, and it was a relaxing environment

Thank you. Everyone very helpful and approachable – the team were all lovely and very professional and helpful.

Both ladies put us at complete ease, my son was comfortable, and we were heard!

I am deeply grateful for the professional and friendly support that I have received and have received all the assistance that I require.

The clinicians were so kind and sensitive to us all and we are very grateful for all their help.

Thank you very much for this comprehensive and clear report which really helps us not only understand our son’s condition but also how to best move forwards to try to make life easier for him. We're really grateful for your time and dedication.

We would like to pass on our thanks to the clinicians for the time they spent with us and the care they took in conducting the assessment. We have read the report thoroughly and have found it extremely useful. It has confirmed our suspicions and gives us more weight to ask for further assessments to be carried out.

We have really appreciated the step-by-step process towards assessment. It was all very clear and helped us to feel confident that we were making the right decision to have the assessments carried out. Our son was made to feel at ease on the day and he is still talking about the nice ladies that talked to him! The assessment has given us an opportunity to talk to our son about the things that he is good at, as well as the things that he finds more difficult, and we now have some new strategies to try together to find out what is right for our son.

My son’s feedback was really useful even after a few days of getting used to the diagnosis. He walked through the assessment process and found that assessors made him feel very comfortable, even finding some things quite amusing although he was not able to tell the assessors. This made me feel very happy as a parent. In addition, the report was very insightful and helped me reflect on many areas I can support my son. It was extremely thorough and truly appreciative. I have many resources to utilise and tap into both locally and over the web.

Doctor was warm and friendly, and it was in a nice environment.

Being seen so quickly, the kindness shown by the doctors and the report being issued so promptly after the assessment. Thank you!!

Explanations were clear and useful. I was aware of where I was at every point in the process and had sufficient information to share with my child.

It was a really warm and welcoming environment, and the process was made very simple.

The clinician was so lovely and patient with our daughter, thank you. It was also great to have a diagnosis on the day, and the report followed quickly after.

When we were given the diagnosis of mild autism it was delivered very sensitively and positively to my daughter and her questions were answered honestly and thoughtfully.

Calm, relaxed environment with open friendly staff.

What our clients say about our administrative team

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for all your help - organising the appointment and the advice about chasing the paperwork for my son's assessment.  I know that the clinicians are extremely busy, and my family and I really appreciate that you managed to get an appointment for us so quickly. 

I want to thank you, for your role in helping to instigate this last part of our complicated journey to reach appropriate diagnoses for our son. Had you not been such a great sounding board and instilled trust and confidence in me at the outset, we may not have pursued this path. I am very glad that we did.

Many thanks for sending through the report and for leading us through this assessment so efficiently and sympathetically.

From the first call to the final report, it was super clear and helpful process.

It was an extremely easy process, and everything was explained in full

All areas of the assessment were explained clearly in a manner that I could understand and communicate back with both school and my son. The Assessment Team were more than accommodating of my needs in more ways than I could thank them for.  Communication was prompt and more than effective. This I must thank you for as you were all extremely accommodating. 

I received excellent advice throughout the entire process. Emails, questions, and concerns were responded to promptly with clear guidance given.

I felt I could make contact and ask very simple questions which was super important.  All centres and professionals have the right qualifications and experience, but we are people and needed a human approach, which is what we got.  Thank you!

What the professionals say

I have been very happy with the service and grateful for the reports received which help us support pupils at school and at home.
– Learning Support Teacher, Hertfordshire School

You are my go-to child psychiatrist!
– Professor of Psychological Medicine

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