We are excited to announce that we are now open in London with clinics at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Wimpole Street, as well as our original clinic in St. Albans.

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ADHD & Autism Assessment in Children

Our assessments

Specialist assessments for ADHD & ASD

These are conducted by a multidisciplinary team, typically a psychiatrist and a psychologist, who will review all the available information and complete an in-depth assessment. There will be a session directly with your child and time spent with you to understand your child’s development to date, current strengths and difficulties as well as impact on their functioning. We use gold standard, internationally recognised assessment tools. We will screen for other neurodevelopmental conditions and diagnose these if present where possible.

Feedback, and an in-depth report

You can expect a report that details all the assessment with current difficulties, history of your child’s development, clinical observation summary and thorough formulation (clinical opinion summary). Any relevant diagnoses will be made. It will also contain recommendations that are specific to the needs of your child as well as helpful resources. A summary report/ redacted report for education can also be available on request. Our report will always reflect our honest clinical opinion based on our team’s extensive experience.

Comprehensive mental health assessment

We have expertise in identifying mental health conditions associated with neurodevelopmental difficulties and co-morbid diagnoses will be made where appropriate.

What to Expect


Multi-disciplinary Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment From £2500
Multi-disciplinary ADHD Assessment including Qb-Check From £2000
Multi-disciplinary ADHD Assessment including Qb-Check
and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment From £2900
Pre-diagnostic Consultation £490

Signposting to treatment

We are primarily an expert assessment and psychoeducation service. For treatment options, these need to be sought from your local NHS child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and we recommend that our assessment reports be used to facilitate access to NHS care for families. Some mental health problems, particularly those that involve risk to children and their families are best managed by local CAMHS. We seek to support not replace our dedicated colleagues in local CAMHS. We will not typically offer assessments for children where self-harm, risk and depression are involved without CAMHS already being engaged and remaining the mental health care provider.

Where requested, we can signpost to trusted colleagues in the independent sector for treatment including for psychiatry, psychology, family therapy, speech and language therapy and cognitive assessments (however enquiries to these services will need to be made directly by families to these providers and we cannot guarantee availability).