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ADHD & Autism Assessment in Children

Dr Kathryn Stevenson

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kathryn Stevenson works as a clinical psychologist, a clinical and academic tutor on a clinical psychology doctoral training course and as a teaching associate on a post-graduate diploma clinical neuropsychology course. Her clinical passion is working with children and young people who are neurodiverse, their families and the systems they are a part of.

Dr Stevenson has worked clinically for over fifteen years, involving principal and senior roles, across child mental health services, a national autism assessment team and mainstream and autism specialist schools. Her work has included individual assessment, therapeutic intervention and service level development and training. Dr Stevenson has a particular interest in developing better understanding of the complexity in neurodiversity and the overlap with mental health needs; in particular how to best assess, understand and support children and young people who have these complex presentations. She also has a keen interest in co-produced research and service development.

Education & Qualifications


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